10 Year Capital Improvement Plan

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The UCLA ten-year Capital Financial Plan is a framework that guides the campus in prioritizing capital investments in support of its academic program, and identifies capital investment and facilities needs aligned with UCLA’s Long Range Development Plan (as amended in March 2009) and Physical Design Framework (July 2009).

The Capital Financial Plan is based on three strategic capital initiatives: 1) completion of the seismic correction of all remaining structures by 2019; 2) transformation of the campus into a residential academic community; and 3) development of a sustainable campus. The three initiatives are summarized in the following paragraphs. Links to the Capital Financial Plans accepted by the Regents can be found below.

Complete the Seismic Correction Program
Since the mid-1980s, UCLA has implemented a comprehensive seismic safety program to correct buildings rated Level V (formerly “Very Poor”) and Level IV (formerly “Poor”). To date, seismic renovations of most general campus structures have been completed, and detailed planning is underway for one remaining facility in the Center for the Health Sciences complex (CHS). The campus has completed seismic corrections to 58 structures representing 8.9 million gross square feet (gsf) and has work in progress on ten structures totaling 1.3 million gsf, including 1.06 million gsf in the CHS.

Transform UCLA into a Residential Academic Community
During the past 30 years, UCLA has evolved from a commuter campus to a residential campus by accommodating approximately 14,650 students in on-campus housing and over 3,000 in University-owned off-campus housing. The campus continues to experience housing demand for its undergraduate and graduate students, following the recent completion of 1,500 undergraduate beds in the Northwest zone and 500 studio apartments for single graduate students in the Southwest zone. Planning is underway to meet additional unmet demand for 4,500 beds of student housing as part of a new Student Housing Initiative announced by the President of the University in 2016.

Build a Sustainable Campus
UCLA’s Sustainability Committee, active since 2005, continues to advance campus sustainability practices and initiatives consistent with University policy. The campus’s Climate Action Plan identifies initiatives to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. The Green Building Program and other initiatives have allowed the campus to reduce the amount of energy used on a square-foot basis in both its new construction and its renovation projects. Additionally, there has been a significant reduction in vehicle trips to and from the campus since 1990 as a result of the Transportation Demand Management Program and the development of additional on-campus housing.

For all new construction and major refurbishment projects, UCLA is striving for LEEDTM Gold certification. Of 32 projects that have received green building certifications, 9 achieved Platinum, 14 achieved Gold, and 9 achieved the University-minimum of Silver. Another 22 projects are registered to receive certification.