Long Range Development Plan

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The UCLA Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) is the comprehensive land use plan that guides the physical development of the campus to support its teaching, research, and public service mission. The LRDP identifies institutional and developmental objectives and delineates campus land use zones. It also estimates the new building space proposed for each zone.

In 2008, UCLA amended the 2002 LRDP to add 550,000 gsf to the Northwest campus zone to accommodate the 2008 Northwest Housing Infill Project (NHIP) and extend the LRDP horizon year to 2013. The 2002 LRDP Amendment identified developed campus square footage, parking spaces, and remaining allocation for future campus development. The 2008 amendment also updated remaining development allocations by zone to reconcile changes to earlier planning assumptions related to proposed projects that had not yet been constructed as previously assumed. Pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the amendment to the 2002 LRDP required an Environmental Impact Report that was certified by The Regents in March 2009.

As of 2016, the 2008 LRDP Amendment (Amendment #1 to 2002 LRDP) and the 2008 NHIP & LRDP Final EIR are still in effect as the campus’ land use plan and CEQA analysis. However, the 2008 documents, which used a baseline population year of 2007–2008, with estimated projections through 2013–2014, had become outdated. In 2016, the Geffen Academy at UCLA Draft and Final Subsequent EIR incorporated a new campus population baseline for 2014-2015, and included estimated campus population projections through 2020-2021. Links to these Geffen Academy documents are included below.